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You’re interested in fighting for a sustainable future—so are we. Here are some of the ways we are working towards a greener and just future, and how you can join us.

Menstrual health data for a healthier tomorrow

You shouldn't have to choose between demystifying your body and the threat of surveillance. Comma believes in the power of knowledge, and we're the first to treat your period data as Protected Healthcare Information (PHI). Are you curious about how periods can provide a window into your wellbeing? Meet Sara – and rest easy knowing your data are protected and will never be used against you.

Be the first to try our pilot products

Are you interested in trying new products before anyone else? Here at Comma, we are constantly innovating and pioneering new materials that are safer and more sustainable for you. You can be a part of our research by piloting our products before anyone else.

Our proprietary, hemp-blend material—SHE Fiber—is completely compostable, filters carbon in the air in the fields, and is 33% less water intensive to farm as cotton. The future of fiber is in fields, and this is the first and only material designed for period products specifically.

Let’s sync up: using data to customize your shopping experience

Have you ever dreamed of period products showing up at your doorstep right in time for your next cycle? We're piloting a customization service so that you get the right number of products for your flow, on your timeline.

Helping us understand your personal cycle means we can predict what you'll need and when you'll need it. It's a win for you, for us, and for our planet: by streamlining production, we can save materials and use less waste.

Taking the guesswork out of your period shouldn't come at the expense of your privacy. We'll never sell your data, and you can read more about how we'll protect it here.

Integrating with medical records to better your care

"What was the last date of your menstrual period?"

We're asked it constantly, but then never told how or why it's relevant in healthcare. Details of your cycle can be difficult to remember and report. What if you could make insights into your period health available to your care team?

With your consent, we can make your period data available to practitioners who could benefit from a better understanding of your reproductive health. From fertility to mental health, we think knowledge is power.

Your data, your consent—a note about your privacy

Let's be transparent: your data is not a commodity, nor is it a responsibility we take lightly.

We are strong believers in privacy, agency, and consent: you will always have control over how we use your data, or if we use it at all. Opting into research and integration can help demystify your body and take ownership over your health, but you—and only you—should be given that capability.

Comma treats period information as we believe it should be treated: healthcare data. This means our platform is HIPAA-compliant, protected, and user-centric. If you need us to wipe your data for any reason, just give us a holler. And we aren't here to sell it (sorry, Zuck).

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