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The story of Comma

Periods shouldn't be a hard stop. Comma is an opportunity to continue the narrative.
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At Comma, we believe periods shouldn't kill our potential, or our planet.

We've innovated the most sustainable single-use materials in the marketplace. It’s our goal to make our products accessible to all who need them.

From the soil
Regenerative agriculture and organic farming
Healing starts in the soil. We’re pioneering compostable materials that honor the earth by using less water and energy during farming and manufacturing, and that return to the soil to enrich it after use.
In our process
Eliminating waste in our work and the planet
Better materials, practices, and data help us eliminate waste in our production and distribution. You get what you need, without any waste.
In your body
Safe and clean materials you can trust
What goes in your tampon goes in your body. You deserve trust and transparency in your period products. Comma's are made without carcinogenic pesticides, bleach artificial fragrances, and synthetic fibers.
For all communities
Fighting gender injustice and period poverty
We were founded on the idea that access to period products meant a better world for menstruators everywhere. With every sale, we reinvest in causes we believe in. Join us in making the world a better place for women, girls, and menstruators around the world.
For our planet
Tampons that leave no trace
Our tampons are compostable and biodegradable: once they’ve been used, they decompose into the earth. With Comma, you’re breaking harmful cycles, one period at a time.

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Co-Creation for Innovation

Social and Reproductive Justice


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