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By investing in an eco-conscious routine, you're making a difference with your cycle. We’re right there with you.

Single-use period products without the waste

Sustainability is at our core. Comma was created to provide a new, sustainable option for single-use period products. While we celebrate the introduction of reusable products like menstrual cups, they simply aren’t an option (or a preference) for everyone. There are a variety of sustainable options out there for other consumer goods—so why not period products? You deserve more options.

Our tampons are the first (and only) compostable tampons on the market. We use only 100% cotton in our tampons and compostable materials in our bioapplicators, meaning our products decompose quickly in a world full of forever plastics. We’re here so you don’t have to sacrifice your preferences to help save the planet.

Sustainability through science, from every angle

At Comma, we only source our materials from farms that use organic and sustainable practices. This means from the beginning of our production, we are supporting practices that keep our environment safe and free of pesticides. We’re also piloting a novel material that’s an even more sustainable option than cotton–and better for you, too. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to find better options for you and the planet. We never settle.

From our farming practices and beyond, we’ve set out to build an ecosystem that supports itself. We recycle our water, sustainably source our materials, and empower the workers we partner with. Engaging in eco-conscious, ethical practices in distribution—at all stages of the business—drives everything we do. When we protect the planet and human rights, we all reap the benefits.

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